Diamond Gym Rules

Rules (all apply to both leaders and challengers):

  • Always follow /rules
  • Gym Leaders are allowed to request the challengers team to make it follow all gym rules.
  • 3 Pokemon max
  • No duplicate Pokemon [Pokemon with the same Pokedex ID]
  • No Mega Rayquaza, Primal Groudon, Urshifu Single-strike, G-Darmanitan, Calyrex Shadow and Ice, Eternatus, Zacian, Zamazenta-Crowned, or Ultra Necrozma, Dracovish
  • 1 mega [mega legends count for both slots]
  • A challenger may only use a Legendary/Mythical if the gym leader is using one (indicated by a green [L] next to the gym leader's name in /gyms)
  • No OHKO moves [Fissure, Guillotine, Horn Drill, and Sheer Cold]
  • Pokemon that change type must have their alternate form match the gym's typing. (For example, Mega Altaria may be used in the Fairy gym, but it may NOT be used in the flying gym). You must change your form as soon as possible.
  • Challengers must ALWAYS start the battle with the Pokemon thrown out first.
  • Battle rules must be used (Set number of pokemon, Level cap, and Full heal).
  • If your opponent disconnects unexpectedly during battle, wait a few minutes. If they rejoin, resume the battle from where you were
  • Challengers MAY NOT "borrow" another person's team for the sole purpose of defeating a gym. You must train your own Pokemon with your own movesets and strategies. If you’ve purchased a pokemon in a trade you may still challenge a gym as long as it follows the previous rules. Gym Leaders may still disqualify you if they feel you’re using a Pokemon/team that’s not yours. For example if you’re using the same team & strategy that a Gym Leader lost to the previous day, they may see fit to disqualify you
  • Users aren't allowed to discuss leader's teams or how to beat the gym teams, including Pokémon details.
  • Moves or abilities that are bugged or not coded in are not allowed to be used by the Challenger or Leader.
  • Sleep, Evasion, Baton pass, and Bag, clauses to be used in battle
  • Banned Moves Destiny Bond, Assist.
  • The combination of Prankster, Lagging tail, and Copycat are not allowed on a singular pokemon.
  • After Restarting A battle once, if the challenger breaks another gym rule the Leader May Disqualify the challenger and the match will count as a win for the Leader (this will not include disconnects/Crashes)
  • Dynamaxing is banned from gyms.

Gym Leader Guidelines:

  • Always be nice and welcoming to Challengers of your gym
  • It’s highly recommended that your team is fully IV and EV trained
  • You’re only allowed to reject a Challenger with good reason, ask a staff member if you're unsure. If you apply for a Gym Leader position, you’re responsible for accepting battles. You may not frequently AFK as it detracts from everyone's experience
  • Upon two weeks of inactivity your Gym Leader status will be revoked. If staff are notified beforehand an extra two weeks of grace period may be granted
  • If you want to discuss a Gym Leader's application, please be constructive and only comment on their Pokemon team. Let character and behavior be determined by staff
  • Always set level cap to 100, Full heal, the maximum Pokemon (3 or 4 depending on the gym), and any applicable clauses in the Battle rules
  • There may only be 5 gym leaders for a gym at any given moment.

Gym Leader Commands:

  • /leader accept - accepts the most recent battle request
  • /leader deny - denies the most recent battle request
  • /leader give - gives your most recent opponent their badge
  • /leader won - marks the most recent battle as a win (to track your win/loss stats)
  • /leader legend <gym> [true/false] - indicates whether or not your party contains a legendary in /gyms
  • /leader stats - view your win/loss ratio for each gym you're a leader of